Dixon Drama Studio

TechSoc has been based in the Dixon since 2020. It's where we store all our equipment, predominantly offer our training, and where we often tech shows for other societies. It's part of the main Wentworth building on Campus West next to Biology and Environment as well as a stones throw away from other venues we work in such as Central Hall and the Rodger Kirk Centre.

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Room bookings for the main space are handled by the University Room Bookings team - for bigger productions it's normally advisable to try to plan a year in advance. Smaller bookings (such as for a one night charity fashion show) can be made online. Once you've secured a room booking please get in touch with us to start to make plans for your event!


For dance floor, venue for music and similar events (and bar areas without fixed seating) the maximum occupancy is 220. The capacity of the space is goverened by the number of exits and the floor area.

For seated events (such as conferences/theatre shows/meetings) the maximum occupancy is 174 including cast and crew.

For use as an exhibition hall or Film, Radio, Television recording - or use as an Exam Hall the maximum occupancy is 100

All of the dressing room spaces have their own fire escapes, such that each of them have a total theoretical fire capacity of 60 people, but we'd consider them each to have a more practical maximum of 10-20 people.

The Spaces

Map of Dixon spaces
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Main Space

  • The Main Space is a flexible black box with various options for audience seating that measures 14.2m wide and 12.3m deep. Many productions utilise a stage of around 14x4m. The Grid is 4.6m high

  • The space can be enclosed with black drapes, with the option for a sharktooth cyc or white drape across the full width of the space

  • Sound: choice of active PA systems + 18 or 48 channel digital mixers

  • Lighting: 94 channels of 15a dimming, with ETC EOS Nomad control system. Selectable & dimmable permanent house lighting units, also controlled from ETC EOS.

  • Productions supported by TechSoc are able to utilise our full stock of equipment, which includes moving/ LED/ conventional lights, haze machine, sound system & various rigging options

  • All dressing rooms feature show relay speakers, with individual volume control

Dressing Room A

The most private dressing room ideal for leads, with access to the stage via Dressing Room B

  • 5.3m x 2.4m

  • 6 Seat Dressing Room

  • Theatre Style Lit Mirrors

  • Single Sink

  • 2x Full Height Fixed Costume Rails

  • 5x Small Lockable Lockers

Dressing Room B

A large gathering area - useful as a green room. Has three seats for cast or perhaps as a stage management station. Also contains storage area for lighting which turns into a quick change area during performances.

  • 5.3m x 3.4m

  • 3 Seat Dressing Room

  • Paint Sink

Dressing Room C

The largest dressing room, with access to the stage via Dressing Room B as well as its own outside door.

  • 5.4m x 3.3m

  • 9 Seat Dressing Room

  • Theatre Style Lit Mirrors

  • Full Height Mirror

  • Single Sink

  • 2x Full Height Fixed Costume Rails

The Studio

Used by TechSoc as a planning office day-to-day, it also boasts studio fittings and is the ideal place to locate a remote band during a show if you're not able to incorporate them into the set.

Its proximity to the Control Room also makes it an ideal place for producers and crew to base themselves

  • 5.4m x 3.2m

  • Retractable blackout blind to seperate it from the control room space as needed

  • Gap in wall to allow cables to be passed through wall from Control Room, with the door closed

Control Room

The hub of activity during performances, it's also where we host most of our training sessions

  • 6m x 3.5m

  • Retractable blackout blinds and closable soundproof windows to seperate it from the main space as needed

  • Seating for 3 operators, plus 2 assistants

  • Additional desk seat position, without window

  • Show relay speaker


The entrance foyer for the main space. Ideal for issuing/checking patron tickets

  • 3.5m x 2m

  • Comms loop fitted for communication with Control Room/stage managers