From our home in the Dixon Drama Studio, to off campus venues like the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, TechSoc work in venues of all shapes, sizes and technical spec. We regularly work in the venues below, and have collated our top tips for those spaces.

We're always happy to explore new spaces, so please get in touch if you have a specific venue in mind for your project!

TechSoc's home venue in Wentworth College

The largest venue on campus

Venues we don’t usually work in

Although we are happy to explore all opportunities, we don't generally work in the following venues:

The Drama Barn

This is the home of DramaSoc and so please get in touch with them about using it

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall

This is within the music department. You will need to contact the department in order to gain use of it.


All TFTI spaces are for use by TFTI students only and if you’re considering using one of their venues you should contact them.