Here, we have a list of links to equipment manufacturers used by the society, lighting and sound guides and video tutorials to get you started and help you find out more about theatre tech.

Equipment Manufacturers

ETC - Manufacturer of a wide range of products including EOS control desks, dimmers and Source Four lighting fixtures. We use the ETCNomad software as our primary lighting controller. An offline simulator of the software is available here.

Zero 88 - Makes control desks and dimmers. The tech society makes use of Zero 88 dimming.

Philips Entertainment Lighting - Entailing brands such as Strand, one of the first major lighting companies, most of our generic lighting fixtures are from the Philips Entertainment Range.

Allen & Heath - For analogue and digital audio mixing desks.


Stage Lighting Primer - An extensive guide covering all aspects of stage lighting

Stage Lighting Guide - An alternative guide using good diagrams and images.

Bath Backstage Technical Society (Web Archive) - Probably the best tutorial on stage lighting and sound I have found although a little dated. It was taken down a few years ago and not replaced so this link directs to the Wayback Machine. The images also don't work.

B&H Photo and Video - Quick Simple Guide to Stage Sound.

Video Guides

ETC Video Tutorials - A series of videos made by ETC that cover all features of the Eos control software. All members should watch videos 3.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1.

Stage Lighting: The Technicians Guide - A full set of videos explaining stage lighting systems and how to set up and use them. All members should watch the first four videos on this playlist.

DMX Lighting Tutorial - Understanding how the DMX Control System works. All members should watch the first video on this playlist.

Stage Projects - Simple tutorial videos explaining the different types of theatre lantern.


Central Hall - A 1100 seat thrust arena - the largest performance space on campus

Joseph Rowntree Theatre - A 360 seat medium-sized theatre in town

John Cooper Studio - An imtimate 100 seat venue that can be used in a variety of configuratios