Contacting the Society

To get involved reach out via the Facebook or by emailing



Stage Lighting Primer - An extensive guide covering all aspects of stage lighting

Stage Lighting Guide - An alternative guide using good diagrams and images.

Bath Backstage Technical Society (Web Archive) - Probably the best tutorial on stage lighting and sound I have found although a little dated. It was taken down a few years ago and not replaced so this link directs to the Wayback Machine. The images also don't work.

B&H Photo and Video - Quick Simple Guide to Stage Sound.

Video Guides

ETC Video Tutorials - A series of videos made by ETC that cover all features of the Eos control software. Videos 3.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1 are a great place to start

Stage Lighting: The Technicians Guide - A full set of videos explaining stage lighting systems and how to set up and use them. All members should watch the first four videos on this playlist.

DMX Lighting Tutorial - Understanding how the DMX Control System works.

Stage Projects - Simple tutorial videos explaining the different types of theatre lantern.