Get Involved

Who is this society for?

We welcome new members whether you have done tech before or are completely new to lighting and sound. If you haven't done tech before, then don't worry! Our training sessions will cover all the skills you need to know, which you can then grow by shadowing on our shows.

For experienced members, there are opportunities for helping to train new technicians, and to take on a management role for our events.

Becoming a Member

Membership costs £6 and you can join online by following this link to Membership is necessary to be able to use our equipment, take part in the training sessions and get involved in shows.

Once you have paid membership, please join our members Facebook Group. This is where we will notify you about upcoming training sessions and opportunities to get involved in our events.

Our Training Programme

We will be holding a number of training sessions at the beginning of term intended for anyone who is new to technical theatre to get you started, however if you have done tech before, feel free to come along and pass on your experiences. We will announce the dates and times of these sessions on our Facebook group.

All members are required complete a short health and safety training brief before taking part in any society activities, no matter what your experience is. This session is provided at the start of the year then on an on-demand basis.

The training programme will follow on from the safety training to give you an introduction to lighting and sound, and will teach you how to design, program and run a show. However the best way to learn is 'on the job', so we encourage new members to learn from and shadow our experienced technicians on their shows, gaining an in-depth knowledge and skill set, until you are ready to take on a show on your own.

Running a show

Opportunities to get involved in shows will be advertised in the members Facebook group. All shows will have a management role which will involve organising the show and leading the design process, and shadowing roles involving assisting with the design process, programming and running the show. For members who are new to tech, we recommend shadowing shows to begin with to apply your skills learned from the training programme.

Production roles for a show include technical manager, lighting designer, lighting desk programmer, lighting operator, lighting rigger, sound designer, sound operator and live sound engineer. Often people may take on several roles. An experienced committee member will always be on hand to help out.