Get Involved

Welcome to TechSoc!


Our primary communication method in the society is Slack. You can use our signup link (here)to join, or create an account with your Uni of York email, and add us by joining other workspaces here.

We have a number of general channels, (including #general, #questions and #random) and each project has its own channel. You're more than welcome to join any channel that looks interesting and ask there how you get involved with that project!


AdamRMS is our resource and project management system. It's where we assign assets and organise crew for our events.

To sign up, head to, log in with your University email and then click "Join" on the Technical Theatre Society entry.


To get involved with our events, we ask that you get membership. This supports the society and allows us to apply for grants to get more equipment. This can be purchased from YUSU’s website:

More information about memberships can be found here: